How to improve your chopper fast


Improve can mean lots of things but today we will focus mainly on making your chopper run faster, farther and smoother, mostly the last one for obvious reasons. What you should remember, though, is that not all improvements are the same. Don’t follow blindly what some Joe did on his bike you sow on YouTube.

We can promise you that seeking professional help will help you maintain your bike in its best shape.

But in the end, a chopper is a very special kind of a bike. We love to be ride with style, and, preferably, comfort. So, here’s how you can improve your chopper.

Change Brake Pads

Seriously, it’s fast and easy. Even not that expensive. But the quality of your ride will improve significantly. And, while you’re on it, look to change brake lines, as well. It’s slightly more expensive but definitely worth it.

Adjust suspension

There are many ways to fine-tune your bike – adjusting suspension to your weight (unless you are the generic, 150-pound rider) will improve traction, stability and overall smoothest of the ride. Best of all, it’s all free.

Better fork legs

Most of the new chopper drivers I know are obsessed with the length of their chopper. But whatever you do, do focus on great fork legs first. Instead of going for the looks by installing fat shrouds, invest in quality legs of your bike.


Believe it or not, paint is more that just a way to make your chopper look like a ‘Bitchin’ ride’. It is also a protective coat. So, paint your bike. Whether you add the flames or not afterwards, your choice.

Speed or acceleration

As chopper riders, we already made the choice. So, why not stick with it? There are a number of settings you can tune to increase acceleration and before you do anything on your bike, you are better off talking to a mechanic.

The Best Way to Improve Your Chopper

We love bikes because in a way, they are much simpler than a car. But each has its character. So the best tip we can give you is to get to know your chopper, tinker around. On a road you must become one with the bike (no matter how corny that sounds), because you don’t have airbags and all that sort of thing.

Spend time on your bike, spend time with your bike, clean it, check it – it will only be better.